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Super Resolution Microscopes

Super Resolution Microscopes

Super Resolution Microscopes


Microscope Frame    


Observation Method Super Resolution  
  Fluorescence (Blue/Green Excitation)  
  Fluorescence (Ultraviolet Excitation)  
  Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)  
  Phase Contrast  
Revolving Nosepiece Motorized (6 position)  
Focus Motorized  
  Z Drift Compensator  
Observation Tubes Widefield (FN 22) Tilting Binocular
Illuminator Transmitted Köhler Illuminator LED Lamp
    100 W Halogen Lamp
  Fluorescence Illuminator 100 W Mercury Lamp
    Light Guide Illumination
Fluorescence Mirror Turret Motorized (8 position)  
Stage Motorized  

Contact your local sales representative to hear about motorized stage options

  Mechanical IX3-SVR Mechanical Stage with Right Handle
  • X: 114 mm, Y: 75 mm
    IX3-SVL Mechanical Stage with Left Short Handle
  • X: 114 mm, Y: 75 mm
Condenser Motorized Universal Condenser W.D. 27 mm, NA 0.55, motorized aperture and polarizer
  Manual Universal Condenser NA 0.55/ W.D. 27 mm
    Ultra-Long Working Distance Condenser NA 0.3/ W.D. 73.3 mm
Confocal Scanner    


Super Resolution Processing    

Olympus super resolution (OSR) filter


Remote correction collar controller (IX3-RCC)
Real time controller (U-RTCE)
Incubation housing

Dimensions (W × D × H)     323 (W) x 475 (D) x 706 (H) mm (IX83 microscope frame)
Weight     Approx. 47kg (IX83P2ZF)

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