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Product Specification

Brand Lovibond Tintomter
Application Industrial, Laboratory
Measurement Range 0 - 500
Display Digital

Product Description

Companies throughout the world use Lovi bond® colourimeters in the analysis of products such as fuel oils, lubricants, white oils, waxes and petrochemicals. The Lovi bond® E Comparator Series provides an easy way to transition from subjective visual measurement to a non-subjective, accurate electronic measurement.

Touchscreen technology makes the E Comparator Series easily programmable with instinctive menus on the screen. Users can set language, date and time, view preferences and create projects with individual tolerance settings.

Interface provides the user with immediate information on the sample:
• EC 2000 Two Field View
• Advance from Visual (subjective) to Electronic (objective) Color Measurement
• Colour Measurement
• Display Results with On-Screen Color and Numerical Options

Digital, Portable, Push-Button Technology
• Immediate reporting from lab or on-site

The user-friendly ergonomics and intuitive interface guarantee new users can be quickly trained and easily supported. Large data storage (> 20,000 readings), USB connectivity ensures readings can be stored and shared easily and quickly. Flexibility is further enhanced with software packages for Windows® with multiple language support on-screen.


Lovi bond® accuracy and efficiency is apparent throughout. E Comparators are supplied with Certified Glass and Liquid Reference Standards enabling quick and simple validation. The instruments are equipped with an integrated light shield to protect the sample from ambient light and a flexible path length and cell choice (plastic or glass) for flexibility of application. With robust casing and a small laboratory footprint, the E Comparator Series is the ideal solution for users wishing to experience the benefits of immediate, accurate, electronic readings: the best of both worlds.

EC3000 ASTM D1500 Color

EC3000 Saybolt D156 Color

EC2000 Pt-Co D1209 Color

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